FREE GUIDE: 21 Social Media Prompts for Artists

I know how hard it can be. You're an artist trying to use social media to build awareness for your work. But you're out of fresh ideas and find yourself either neglecting your fans or posting any old thing and not getting the results you want. Let's change that right now! 


After successfully using social media to develop my business as an artist, I know that it's tough to keep up with good-quality content. You want your social media to paint the full picture of your brand and show your work without it always feeling like a chore. You know you're creative, so it's totally frustrating when you're at a loss for ideas — like staring at a blank white canvas!

Just like your art tells a story, you want your social media to do the same. So let's get started!

Download 21 Social Media Prompts for Artists to get:

  • Your free PDF guide filled with tried and tested social media post ideas that you can turn to whenever you're feeling stuck
  • Posts that are tailored specifically to you as an artist
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can get your specific questions answered by myself, and other artists and creatives

Jessica Mack aka Brown Paper Bunny

Hi there, I'm Jessica!

I'm a Social Media Coach for Artists and Creatives. I'm also an Artist and Fashion Illustrator! 

I have 16+ years of experience (don't you dare do the math and work out how old I am) in marketing communications and social media, running strategy for individuals right through to billion dollar, global brands, in addition to holding a Masters in Marketing Communications.

I've worked with everyone from General Motors to Starbucks, but now I want to use my knowledge and experience to help other artists and creatives get their work seen, and build more successful online brands.