Uppercase Magazine Feature

August, 2016


The text in the above image is a little small, so here it is again, along with a few extra photos of my studio:

"I'm an Australian artist, living in Colorado, and I'm trying to bring color to the world, one bright painting at a time. I mostly work in watercolor, although I've recently fallen in love with acrylics and am experimenting with working digitally as well. 

I only started painting a few years ago, after making a New Year's Resolution that I would take an evening art class. As soon as I picked up a paint brush I was hooked! When we move to America I enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts, majoring in Illustration, but with all the preliminary classes involving endless hours of charcoal still life drawing it quickly became a chore and I decided to do my own thing – gravitating to bright colors, and whimsical topics. I most love to paint fashion illustration, conversational patterns and bold abstracts. 

I'm lucky enough to have a pretty little room to myself in our house, with a view of the Rocky Mountains. I've lined the walls of my studio with colorful art, which inspires me every day. I'm also a serious bookwork, and although my collection is only a couple of years old (we couldn't bring all of our books when we moved countries) it's growing rapidly! Of course my UPPERCASE collection gets pride of place on the shelf in my studio."