In My Sketchbook

I haven't had a lot of time for painting this week because, well, life has been getting in the way. Plus the weather has been completely gorgeous so it's hard not to spend every second out of doors!

But on the unbearably hot days I did manage to find a few minutes here and there to spend some time sketching in watercolor and ink. 

Here's a little peek inside my sketchbook this week. 

This is a reimagined version of an origami crane sketch I did a couple of years ago. As a kid I was really into origami. In fact, who am I kidding, I still love it!

This second sketch was to commemorate Bike to Work Day here in Colorado. I'd never participated before, and even though we've just moved quite far from the office, I'm really glad I did. Our town had bike stops with free food and drinks, and bike maintenance set up all over town. There were so many people our riding and the whole atmosphere was really fun! 

And yes, that's my bike...the pale pink cruiser with a mint basket, which happens to have cup holders built in! 

Leave a comment and tell me if you ever ride to work (or what you've been making, painting, crafting this week)!